Excision’s new melodic dubstep track is stunningEcision Rukes 2016

Excision’s new melodic dubstep track is stunning

Jeff Abel has built a legacy upon unflinchingly virulent bass music. His very name, Excision, derives from a searingly painful procedure. Tuesday, October 25, Abel added another beam to his foundation of formidability with the release of his third studio album, Virus. Spanning sixteen songs, Excision’s newest LP delivers his hard-driving creations as fully as one would expect.

However, what is perhaps most intriguing about the album, is where Abel takes a step away from the aggression, offering somber, gently-crafted melodies. “Her” and “With You,” collaborations with Dion Timmer and Madi, respectively, harken back to rare, soothing hits from Excision’s past like “Sleepless” and “Jaguar.” Arguably the most pristine example of this vein of Virus is “Drowning,” a joint effort with the debonair duo, Akylla.

“Drowning” is a refreshing return to pre-Flume melodic bass music. Excision and Akylla’s fusion of crashing percussion, sultry vocals, and biting, but calmative synthesis wistfully recalls the crispness of 2011-era melodic dubstep. To say that “Drowning” is nostalgic, however, is not to say that the song is derivative. Rather, in implementing a restrained compositional balance, Abel has created a bass-laden track suitable for easy listeners, and a ballad for bass heads.

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