Excision to release new album entitled ‘Virus’ October 25IMG 2692

Excision to release new album entitled ‘Virus’ October 25

In September, Excision released his set from this year’s Shambhala festival. Just as The Disco Biscuits are the defining performance of their Camp Bisco festival, and Lucent Dossier Experience are a permanent fixture at Lightning in a Bottle, Excision is consistently Shambhala’s most-hyped act each year. The DJ’s subsequent release of the set, too, has become an annual tradition which his fans eagerly anticipate.

This year, Excision’s benchmark set held a particular significance due to the plethora of unreleased tracks contained within from his forthcoming album. Excision has announced that the album, entitled Virus, will be released on October 25. Spanning 16 tracks, Virus will mark the producer’s third studio album. The LP includes a number of frequent Excision collaborators, including Datsik and Protohype, while burgeoning producer Dion Timmer holds five featured credits on the release. Virus is available for preorder now, and includes an instant download of Excision’s Space Laces joint, “Throwin’ Elbows.”

And, for those who might be wondering, we can confirm that “Harambe” is indeed on the album’s tracklist.

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