Goldwash releases debut EP ‘LDR’Goldwash Honest

Goldwash releases debut EP ‘LDR’

It takes an intricate mind to be able to create music that can be felt on a number of different levels, yet with every track that newcomer Goldwash has put out, he’s been able to achieve just that.

Considering how defined and detailed his music is already, it’s somewhat surprising to hear that his new EP also serves as his debut. Titled, LDR, this collection of passionately produced sonic experimentation is a strong statement from the founder of his self-titled genre “existential funk.”

Goldwash’s distinct vocals can be heard throughout all of the EP, which keeps a consistent style among the varied instrumental productions. Changing the tempo and the percussion patterns in extraordinary ways, he uses each combination of sonic elements — fascinating rhythms made up of creatively-placed sounds, all having space to breathe in the mix — to paint a vivid emotional picture with each piece. Driving a mature evolution of feelings and themes, Goldwash keeps each song on LDR fresh as can be.

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