Gorillaz give their first interview ahead of new albumMurdoc Twitter

Gorillaz give their first interview ahead of new album

Everyone’s favorite virtual band, Gorillaz, have been tantalizing fans with tidbits of information about their upcoming fifth studio album. Releasing short multimediaBooks‘ about each respective member of the cartoon band’s journey following 2010’s Plastic Beach and 2011’s The Fall, the band’s bass-playing lead songwriter, Murdoc Niccals, gave an interview to Noisey as the band completes recording of the album.

While refusing outright to offer any details on the album, Murdoc discusses a wide range of topics in the interview, including his childhood [he was born behind the same pub where he played his first show], his thoughts on Ringo Starr [the second greatest living British artists, behind Murdoc himself], and how he voted in the Brexit referendum [he voted to stay]. He also, ironically, opted for Oasis over Blur, in a jab at Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn, who also happens to be the frontman for Blur..

An amusing look into the fictional characters that make up the virtual band, head over to Noisey to read the full interview with Gorillaz’ Murdoc Niccals, and stay tuned for information on the Gorillaz’ new album as it develops.

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