Cornucopia releases entrancing ‘Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly’ EP [Review]Cornucopia Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly

Cornucopia releases entrancing ‘Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly’ EP [Review]

Guy J subtly began introducing his new Cornucopia alias into the progressive circuit in 2015, impressing listeners with blissful, emotive productions well-suited for the sunrise or sunset. The producer signed onto Microcastle for his second EP entitled, Pursuit of the Orange Butterfly. Over the course of the release, we see a further exploration of mystical soundscapes, brimming with sentimentality and an even deeper honing of his new sonic profile as Cornucopia.

Pursuit of the Orange Butterflys titular track serves as a poignant opener to the EP, wherein careful layers of synth and instrumental samples pile on top of vague percussive hints to create a moving, complex piece of music that fulfills its purpose without a 4/4 kick. Melancholic melodic arrangements promote a sense of introspection throughout its entirety, capturing the listener’s attention until the piece slowly fades into silence.

Cornucopia then ventures into more lighthearted, intriguing territory with “Neverland.” Tribal drums and brisk rattles pair nicely with simplistic synths to create a serene, shimmering soundscape. The track is overwhelmingly airy in nature, earning it the role of a sensible candidate for outdoor performances.

Finally, “Mountains Of The Moon” is perhaps the most celestial offering on Pursuit of the Orange Butterfly, providing an excellent conclusion to the EP. The producer titled the piece appropriately, as futuristic melodies, distant echoes, and lush percussion combine into an otherworldly sonic space, which conjures images of a desolate moon. While dreamy as ever, slightly somber note progressions add emotional complexity to the end result.

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