Hotel Garuda – Fixed On You (Original Mix)Unnamed 3

Hotel Garuda – Fixed On You (Original Mix)

Widely known throughout the blogosphere and beyond for their crackling remixes and catchy singles, Hotel Garuda are quickly becoming one of the standout new acts of 2016. The duo, comprised of Manila Killa and Candleweather, were even signed to PRMD Records back in June, and show no signs of slowing down with their newest single, “Fixed On You.”

Their second release on PRMD, following “Smoke Signals,” features vocalist Violet Days, who channels her inner Tove Lo to deliver saccharine verses and an infectiously catchy topline on the chorus. Hotel Garuda’s production is as full and crisp as ever, showing a wide command of sound design and mixing from the delicate piano stabs of the intro to the storming bass and flourishes of the drop. Though not necessarily their most groundbreaking track, “Fixed On You” proves that, when it comes to pop-influenced house, Hotel Garuda are a forced to be reckoned with.

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