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Jeff Mills cancels gig after being hit by bottle mid-set

Respect for DJs in the booth appears to be at an all-time low. Back in September, Duke Dumont ended his performance in Edmonton after being spat on and thrown drinks at. Now, the legendary Jeff Mills has taken a similar course of action after having a bottle thrown at him mid-set at Spain’s Club Area 42.

The incident occurred early Sunday at approximately 4:30am in the morning during Mills’s headlining performance from the brand new 4,000-cap club in Toledo. When the power unexpectedly cut out at the venue, one unruly attendee hurdled an empty bottle in Mill’s direction, causing Mills to leave the stage. The club, which was in the midst of its opening weekend, expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation: “We can’t understand how someone can visit a place where the only aim is to enjoy yourself, and commit an act like this.”

This isn’t the first time Mills has been the victim of disrespectful audience behavior. Back in 2013, the pioneering techno veteran was hit on the head by a piece of glass at Atlantico in Rome.

Read Area 42’s full statement on the incident below:

Via: Resident Advisor