Karma Fields releases new single ‘Sweat’Karma Fields Sweat Artwork Monstercat

Karma Fields releases new single ‘Sweat’

Monstercat‘s new golden child Karma Fields, the world’s first AI act, is gearing up for its debut live performance, The Hex, with the release of a new single, “Sweat.” Along with the single, Monstercat released accompanying remixes from Bixel Boys and Soulji. Exactly which aspects of Karma Fields’ music are created by artificial intelligence seems to still be unclear, as details have not been forthcoming. However, one thing is still apparent: the music is well-produced and musically interesting.

“Sweat” begins with a chorus of mysterious chanting, backed up by what sounds like a drum circle, which resolves into a barebones breakbeat rhythm. A relatively simple melody is carried through the drop by a straightforward sawtooth synth that’s controlled by a low frequency oscillator. By varying the speed of the oscillations with the rhythm, Karma Fields creates a strong feeling of constantly speeding up then slowing down, effectively leaving the listener bouncing and floating overtop of the beat.

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