Kaskade and L’Tric remix Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’Kaskade

Kaskade and L’Tric remix Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’

It’s a great day for Kaskade fans. The veteran producer and DJ has announced the release of a new remix of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac alongside L’Tric.

Available as a free download at KaskadeMusic.com, the track has long been sought after by Kaskade fans. The intro and first verse of the remix have a chilled-out, ethereal feeling to them, providing a suitable backdrop for the vocals. The corresponding deep house bassline that comes in for the main sections, however, leaves something still to be desired and ultimately doesn’t feel as complementary to the vocals as the surrounding sections.

Here’s what Kaskade had to say about the release:

“This collaboration has been the topic of many tweets, FB status updates, Instagram posts and Snapchat stories, as everyone who has heard it on the dancefloor has been trying to figure out where to get it. Not altering the too-perfect classic vocals but combining them with crazy sexy bass + beats, this song is a certified weapon on the floor.”

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