Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirenz (Brillz Remix)KP Morello BrillzRM

Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirenz (Brillz Remix)

After an extended gestation period, Knife Party unleashed their raucous collaboration with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello–first at Ultra in March and then to world at large with its official release in September. After making their fans wait so long, the duo have already starting doling out remixes of the track, the first coming in courtesy of Brillz.

Brillz’s rework keeps Morello’s guitar work front and center, helping it stick out in the saturated track. However, after Morello’s heavy-gravity power chords, he opts for an industrial trap beat and powerful, cascading drum fills. To keep things interesting, Brillz inserts a 4×4 beat at the second drop to up the energy before falling back into gnarly, rock-infused trap.

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