Lane 8 releases new single ‘With Me’ in preparation for fall tourLane 8 With Me This Never Happened

Lane 8 releases new single ‘With Me’ in preparation for fall tour

When Lane 8 announced earlier this year that he was starting his own label, This Never Happened, he accompanied the imprint’s establishment with an innovative concept show. The producer’s concept focuses largely on hosting phone-free events, addressing the growing number of audience members recording the event rather than enjoying it – an issue that has been the topic of many conversations and debates in the last few years.

In preparation for this groundbreaking tour, which kicks off on November 3, Lane 8 has released a new single, “With Me.” The title and friendly emotion of the track are directly aligned with the concept behind the producer’s tour, as he hopes to have his audience be fully engaged with the experience as it unfolds.

Starting off with softly, “With Me” is consistently minimal over its course. Simple bass lines and steady percussion patterns drive the ambient background synths and sporadic vocals, evoking a trance-inducing sensation for the listener.

Tickets for Lane 8’s This Never Happened tour are available here.

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