Pacha Group to open 25 new hotels and spa resortsPacha Logo

Pacha Group to open 25 new hotels and spa resorts

Shortly after being raided by Spain’s national Tax Agency for tax evasion, Pacha Group, the famed nightclub franchise best known for opening up venues across the globe, has revealed its plans to mark its territory in a new domain come 2017: the hotel industry.

The Sunday Times reports that the international nightclub brand has 25 new hotels and spa resorts on the horizon, with London to be its first major target. Marco Frisina, Marketing Director of Pacha Group, says the franchise aims to appeal to a “new young generation” – one that is between 38 and 45 years of age. Citing “more money than millenials and more experience,” this heightened age bracket expects to reel in even greater capital than the success of its worldwide nightlife chain, which serves major countries like Brazil, China, the UK and Spain.

Additional hotels – which will be franchises for local partners – will open their doors in Spain, France, Italy, Argentina and China, to name a few. Each is planned to contain a restaurant, spa and shop, selling items reminiscent of Pacha Ibiza. As of now, the company will not be opening more clubs.

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