The Pegboard Nerds geek out on big bass with new single ‘BAMF’Pegboard Nerds Bamf Monstercat

The Pegboard Nerds geek out on big bass with new single ‘BAMF’

Sometimes it pays to geek out on a certain subject. For the dubstep duo Pegboard Nerds, geeking out on their music production has paid off immensely. The synths that they come up with, along with the overall mastering and sound design, tends to boggle the mind and their newest single, “BAMF,” is no exception.

A sci-fi-esque sound starts “BAMF” off on a mysterious note that sets the mood for the rest of the track. A vocal sample that was the likely source of the track’s name joins forces with a monstrous kick and bass to build the track up into a drop that succeeds in creating a certain “wow factor.” An incredibly heavy, yet tightly-controlled staccato bass comes in hot and heavy, driving the progression of both drops and showcasing a unique side of the Nerds’ production arsenal.

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