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This producer remixed every song on Lido’s ‘Everything’

Taking cues from Lido himself, who remixed Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo into one 8-minute extravaganza, Milwaukee producer Melvv has compiled all 11 tracks from Lido’s album, Everything, into a single, 10 minute long remix. Entitled “What If Everything’s Not Everything,” the remix takes samples and slices from Everything and puts them on top of a heady mix of rollicking bass, smooth chords, and infectious groove.

Given that he’s tasked with fitting 11 songs worth of material into a single song, Melvv reduces each track on Everything to its most memorable elements and adds his own touches and layers. The track moves between moods and energy levels efficiently, which is appropriate when reworking something with as much dynamic diversity as Everything. The remix-an-album-into-one-track form has been gaining popularity since Lido put his spin on Kanye, and it’s interesting and truly gratifying to see that kind of innovation come full circle.

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