Sam Feldt launches personal music and content hub, Heartfeldt.meFeldts

Sam Feldt launches personal music and content hub,

Content is literally everywhere. As fans, staying on top of the latest news and releases from your favorite artists turns into an endless search on countless social channels. Algorithms, repost networks, copyright takedowns, the whole experience is a disjointed mess. And it’s not only fans who suffer, artists spend their time managing multiple channels while they claw for less and less reach. Sam Feldt saw the same happening as his popularity grew and decided rather than fight against the rising tide, he would package up the entire Sam Feldt brand into a one-stop shop for everything he creates. In collaboration with, will feature everything Sam Feldt — all of his mixtapes, radio shows, free tracks, and merchandise will be found on the portal. In addition to exclusive content that couldn’t exist anywhere else, engaged fans will be included in exclusive giveaways, merch offers, and meet and greets.

He’s also not just stopping at fans. Any aspiring producers who want to drop him a line directly will be able to send demos for consideration on his radio show or just simply production feedback.

As the streaming wars continue and the music industry shifts and sways under the weight of a digital revival, it is direct, artist to fan engagement that will survive the inevitable fallout. With, Sam Feldt has cut out the middleman — and it won’t be long until more artists follow suit and take back their fanbases with services like

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Listen to Sam’s latest release, “Runaways.”