Ultra misses the meme with ‘long version’ of ‘PPAP’Maresdefault

Ultra misses the meme with ‘long version’ of ‘PPAP’

An exceedingly strange music video for an original track called “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” went viral several weeks back. After some investigation, people around the web discovered that the creator was actually a comedian named Daimaou Kosaka, but that did nothing to slow the epic roll of the “PPAP” meme. The original track even went as far as to become the shortest single to ever hit the Billboard Top 100. PIKOTARO is a bonafide star.

Ultra Music found this to be an excellent business opportunity to take advantage of, and not only signed the original track, but remixed it into a “long version.” The result amounts to an uncomfortable rendition of a played-out future bass sound. Ultra’s move here is a confusing one. With the track likely past its viral height, Ultra missed the massive cash grab to be had, and the track already has different label distribution in Japan, where the song took its highest flight.

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