Unofficial mixes now available on Spotify and Apple MusicDubset Tc

Unofficial mixes now available on Spotify and Apple Music

A recent report claimed that Spotify was in-talks to purchase SoundCloud, and today, new related details emerge on the matter—the two top streaming giants, Spotify and Apple Music, are now integrating SoundCloud’s best feature: mixes that aren’t released by major labels.

Both streaming platforms have begun to host unofficial single-track remixes due to their respective partnerships with Dubset, a company that manages music rights and distribution. Apple Music first made their deal back in March, with Spotify following suit just two months later.

The first remix to emerge comes from DJ Jazzy Jeff of “Room in Here” by Anderson .Paak, with additional tracks to soon follow. While the streaming platforms still do not host multi-song sets, Dubset CEO Stephen White has revealed to TechCrunch: “Mixes are coming next!”

Though record labels have resisted unofficial mixes due to licensing and piracy, Dubset uses a scanning software to properly identify music notes and match them to existing samples. The service then allocates royalties to rights holders based on plays, meaning that both parties are fairly compensated.

The fact that unofficial mixes are now making their way to Spotify would make the recent acquisition reports much less likely, though neither company has made a comment on such development.

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