Watch a rare video of Daft Punk performing unmasked in 1995Daftpunk

Watch a rare video of Daft Punk performing unmasked in 1995

It’s been a busy fall for the Daft Punk rumor mill with persisting, but firmly debunked, claims of possible tour plans and festival appearances. While internet sleuths are still set on the latter being true, there’s plenty of official action to keep fans satisfied. Aside from the recently revealed collaboration with The Weeknd, footage of the duo performing at a rave unmasked in 1995 has resurfaced on Reddit.

The five minute video is possibly the oldest footage available of the two performing live, taken the same year the group would record their classic track “Da Funk” — recently rereleased on gold vinyl. Perhaps most interestingly, the video shows the unmasked robots experimenting with their sound in a departure from their more polished studio compositions. The two delve into acid and tech house as well as the dark, growling electro they became famous for to a packed warehouse crowd at Carros Festival in France.

While we can only hope for more to come from the legendary producers, historic clips like these are a reminder of how iconoclastic and “punk” they really were compared to the cool, refined house beats in the mid to late ’90s.

H/T: Reddit (r/Daft Punk)

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