Watch Gorillaz’ new visual story: The Book of 2DGorillaz Gorillaz

Watch Gorillaz’ new visual story: The Book of 2D

Gorillaz‘ fictional narrative following their 2010 album Plastic Beach is currently being explored in the band’s interactive, multimedia stories on their social media. Focusing in depth on each member’s journey thus far, 2D is the latest to receive story treatment ahead of their newest album, which is expected to be unveiled in the not-too-distant future.

Evidently, the cartoon band’s new singer has gone through an intense journey over the past six years, having been devoured by a whale after coming out of hiding post Plastic Beach attack.  After around a year of soul searching, 2D is finally reunited with his bandmates when he decides to return to London. The story ends with the line “Gorillaz were back,” building even further anxiety over their upcoming LP’s pending release.

A fan of the band kindly assembled the story into a short YouTube clip, which can be seen below.

H/T: Consequence of Sound

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