Watch Porter Robinson drop his darkest live edit in honor of HalloweenPorter Robinson Hard Summer Fresh Static Snow

Watch Porter Robinson drop his darkest live edit in honor of Halloween

Porter Robinson‘s artistic aberration surrounding the release of 2014’s Worlds is perhaps the starkest stylistic shift that the dance music world has seen in recent years. Robinson risked alienating many of his adrenaline adoring fans in his evolution from a prodigious electro purveyor into a titan of tranquility. Nowhere was Robinson’s audacious foray into softer sounds more of a gamble than his accompanying live sets. Set before a masterfully woven, anime-centric visual narrative, Robinson replaced energetic hits like “Unison” and “Say My Name” with serene Worlds-inspired live edits.

Risky as Robinson’s departure from heavier sounds may have been, his Worlds performances continue to be his live mainstay even two years after their debut — and have only become more acclaimed in that timeframe. Overall, Porter Robinson’s live show is less of a party and more an ethereal experience. However, though he has moved in a more mellifluous creative direction, the young auteur still makes sure to intersperse aggressive cuts throughout his sets. While Robinson’s heavier Worlds interludes probably comprise less than ten percent of his concerts, their rarity amplifies their impact significantly.

Porter’s live edit of “Fellow Feeling” has been a highlight for bass-inclined attendees since he began his Worlds phase, while his astounding rendition of “Shepherdess” has staggered fans in recent shows. Yet, there is one song which exists solely in the world of Robinson’s concerts that is leagues apart from its contenders. Many may know it as “The Deer Song,” due to its accompanying visuals, while others may refer to it simply as “that one part of Porter’s set where all Hell broke loose.”

For the uninformed, the formidable track which has provided the apex of Porter Robinson’s performances over the last two years is his live edit of “Fresh Static Snow.” In its original form, the song is among the heaviest cuts from Porter’s debut album, centering largely around a series of funkily dense bass lines. Upon the iridescent Worlds stage, however, the song takes a much more sinister form.

For the roughly forty minutes which generally precede the song, spectators have been lulled into a false sense of security by Robinson’s celestial showcase. When the lyrics of “Fresh Static Snow” herald its imminence, audience members are aware that the set’s energy is about to shift, but they are unaware of how severe this shift will be.

Porter’s live edit of “Fresh Static Snow” abruptly plunges his performance from Elysium into the greatest depths of the Inferno. Shrieking bass tones abruptly disrupt the set, as the mystical art which dominates the show’s majority is overtaken by the hectic morbidity of the unforgiving deer skull. Eventually, the song returns to more melodic sensibilities, but the edit’s energetic pinnacle is so formidable that it would make Excision quiver.

Video credit: Reddit (r/PorterRobinson)

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