Zhu creates a cinematic dystopia in new ‘Generationwhy’ short filmZhu PalmofMyHand

Zhu creates a cinematic dystopia in new ‘Generationwhy’ short film

Zhu has always had a proclivity for unique, at times surrealist music videos. To provide a cinematic backdrop for the titular track of his GENERATIONWHY album, the elusive producer has opted for a dark short film. Standing at 11 minutes in length, director American Millenial weaves a dystopian narrative that plays out for almost seven minutes before the song itself commences.

American Millenial’s film begins with a group of six imprisoned young men, forced by militaristic captors at gunpoint to engage in a round of Russian Roulette. Prodded along by a robotic feminine voice with unsettling mantras, such as “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is,” tension builds as the game’s firearm draws closer to the sixth subject, who serves as the film’s protagonist. The video takes a turn as chaos ensues, accompanying the song’s introduction. Watch the short film above.

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