This 12-year-old DJ throwing down techno is the future of electronic music

The ‘child DJ’ has become an increasingly popular narrative in dance music. First there was Arch Jr, the three-year-old DJ who won South Africa’s Got Talent. Then there was John Anthony, who performed on the main stage of Sunset Music Festival, begging us to ask the question, why are nine-year-olds DJing at festivals?

Now there’s Federico Gardenghi, a 12-year-old DJ from Milan who is quickly gaining notoriety in the underground. Unlike the aspiring adolescent DJs who have come before him, however, the young Italian prodigy appears to actually have some semblance of talent.

What’s more, his tastes have evolved much faster than that of his prepubescent peers, as he’s already gained a knack for pummeling techno. The latest evidence of this is a new video shared on Gardenghi’s timeline, which showcases the young DJ hammering out Nicole Moudaber’s remix of “Give Me Luv.”

Watch the video above, and keep an eye on young Federico Gardenghi.

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