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Dancing Astronaut Presents 5 Under 5k: Vol. 13

5 Under 5k is a feature on Dancing Astronaut dedicated to spotlighting talented upcoming and undiscovered artists who we believe deserve more exposure. Each edition of 5 Under 5k will highlight five artists from a wide variety of genres with under 5,000 followers on SoundCloud (at the time of writing).

As one of the most sought-after controllerists in the live music world, Alluxe (2,197 followers) has already worked with some of the music industry’s biggest acts. The skilled technician has programmed and designed shows for a variety of big names, including Kanye WestThe WeekndBon Iver, and legendary keyboardist Herbie Hancock. Alluxe has taken on duties which include editing the sound of these heavyweights in concert, and providing live effects throughout their sets.

Alluxe’s talents transcend the work she’s lent to larger artist’s, however. The producer recently released a five-track EP entitled Contrast, which fittingly features compositions which draw inspiration from her eclectic collection of influences. Throughout the release, Alluxe contrasts classical with bass music (most notably in “U + I”  and “Chirp”), hip hop with world music (present in “On My Own” and “Work My Body”) and explores further unique musical combinations. With this EP, Alluxe reveals her strong abilities as an artist in her own right, having already proven her capabilities for enhancing the performances of household names.

Up-and-coming LA producer Jace Mek (3,584 followers) is a stylish sound design monster who is rapidly approaching a groundbreaking status. His synths are sometimes harsh, but always fascinating, unique, and well-designed. These sonic experimentations provide the substance for most of the young producer’s tracks and perfectly complement his minimal tech house sound, giving them a powerfully dark and twisted feeling that is furthered by heavily-affected vocal samples.

“Understand,” is a perfect example of the features mentioned above. With only a handful of layers being mixed at any given time, the heavy, balanced bass shines through miraculously, underpinning some absolutely alien synth design that keeps the listening ear busy. It’s unsurprising that larger names like Dillon Francis and Porter Robinson have already supported Jace Mek’s work.

Following the tech house trail further into the realm of techno brings a trio from the great country of Germany: Township Rebellion (3,394 followers). This group of talented artists display a compendium of styles tastefully and ergonomically packaged for complete listening pleasure.

Although the SoundCloud version of “Charlotte” cuts off early, it leaves a resounding impression even in its truncated form. After its intro the track opens up an ethereal world full of emotional threads that can be picked up and followed easily. Soon an absurdly groovy, but ominously hard-hitting beat emerges, brilliantly taking control of the piece. “Charlotte” is available in its entirety here.

A new addition to the Dirtybird roster, Wood Holly (4,504 followers) is another artist that is undoubtedly on the brink of gaining some real traction. His sound spans many of the sub-genres within the house umbrella, from deep, to tech, to acid, and beyond. Although the producer seems to still be developing a signature sound, he has taken advantage of the freedom that his lack of categorization provides, exploring a greater range of stylistic variations than most producers.

Wood Holly’s most recent release, “Ass Out,” leans a toward the deep side, retains a high energy, driven by buoyant sensibilities more aligned with a jackin’ house sound. To showcase the producer’s diverse range of influences, we’ve provided the original mix of “Ass Out” as well as his acid house VIP, respectively, below.

Parisian indie band Saavan (3,405 followers) closes this list out on a toned down note with their spectacular new track “Hide.” As the titular track from their debut album, released on the Yunizon imprint, “Hide” spells an incredibly bright future for Saavan.

“Hide” is one of the rare songs that walks the line between sad and happy, and is, at times, a careful balance of both essences at once. The song’s lyrics speak to the virtues of being alone, particularly when one desires solitude. Mellifluous vocals float among subtle atmospheres and textured reverb, all on top of a slow, consistent beat that keeps the track’s laid back energy moving forward all the way until its end.

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