Bonobo shares teaser for suspected new albumBonobo

Bonobo shares teaser for suspected new album

On New Years’ Eve 2015, Simon Green laconically announced that he would be releasing a new Bonobo album in 2016. In the months since, Green has remained true to his elusive form and essentially provided no further details regarding the release. Now, with the year’s end approaching, Bonobo has uploaded a video that suggests (albeit, cryptically) fans may not have to wait much longer for the forthcoming LP.

A 30-second time lapse video posted to Bonobo’s social media accounts shows a team of professional graffiti artists painting an ad campaign for the artist on a city wall. The footage, which plays over a serene unreleased Bonobo production, shows the artists painting a landscape which will presumably become the album’s artwork alongside the musician’s moniker.

The logo for Ninja Tune, the imprint which has most frequently backed Green’s releases, is also featured in the ad campaign. While the album’s title and release date are still unconfirmed, the short video is comforting assurance to fans that the eagerly-anticipated release is nigh.

The forthcoming album will be Bonobo’s sixth studio album, and his first since 2013’s North Borders.

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