Breathe Carolina x IZII – Echo (Let Go)Echo Let Go Izii Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina x IZII – Echo (Let Go)

Some tracks hook you from the first note and Breathe Carolina’s latest “Echo (Let Go)” does just that. On their latest single, the trio explore the painful process of failing to reconnect with a lost love and wrap it in an electro pop bow. The soulful and emotionally-charged single finds the American trio teaming up with anonymous producer IZII for a dance radio friendly effort worthy of praise and repeat plays. The track’s impassioned vocals sink their claws in early, while IZII’s instrumental swirls and bounces between melodic dubstep and future bass. It’s a nice step in a new direction for the trio and another piece of IZII’s story.

“Echo (Let Go)” is out now on Spinnin Records. Buy it now.

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