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David August releases new two track EP, ‘The Spell / A Golden Rush’

David August has been having an altogether wonderful year. In March, his two year break from producing solo material finally came to an end when he released the experimental two-track EP, J.B.Y. / Ouvert. Now, serving as a bookend to the stylistic direction that August has been favoring of late, the German wunderkind has delivered a follow up EP, The Spell / A Golden Rush.

Opening track, “The Spell,” sounds a bit like experimental drum’n’bass. The beat claps along as samples of muffled children’s voices, aerial noises, and piano chords are woven in. Then the track slows seemingly to a close before whirling to life once again.

The second track on the EP, “A Golden Rush,” marks August’s first officially released co-written song. Putting the spotlight on Nelia Kit’s hypnotizing vocals, the song is slow to build but then deftly layers in guitar licks and some lush playa dub to change up the pace.

The Spell / A Golden Rush is out now via Ninja Tune’s Counter Records.

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