deadmau5 debuts glorious new single ‘4ware’ on BBC Radio 1Deadmau5 Led Helmet 2

deadmau5 debuts glorious new single ‘4ware’ on BBC Radio 1

Pete Tong had honor of premiering deadmau5‘ latest single on BBC Radio 1, which has been revealed as a finished version of “4ware.” The immaculately balanced progressive piece rolls through atmospheric sound effects and nostalgic melodic progressions, faintly reminiscent of the aesthetic evoked by Netflix’s Stranger Things series.

As noted in his interview with Tong, retro influence plays a recurring role in Zimmerman’s upcoming W:/2016ALBUM. “There’s an 80s sci-fi fantasy film vibe to some of the melodies,” he described, crediting his inspiration to the purchase of a Prophet 10. “When you’re drawn to that instrument, you’re drawn to that kind of vibe.”

W:/2016ALBUM is slated for a December 2 release. Listen to the completed version of “4ware” below.

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