Deadmau5 teases potential new tour and Cube 2.0 stageDeadmau5 Cube1

Deadmau5 teases potential new tour and Cube 2.0 stage

Deadmau5 has had, by any metric, a monstrous 2016. The always-prolific producer has turned out a wealth of new material and let fans in on his creative process to an unprecedented extent. This flurry of activity has been building towards the release of his newest full length album, W:/2016ALBUMwhich is set to drop on December 2nd.

Not one to mince words, the Canadian producer and consummate perfectionist has been openly disdainful of the album over the course of the year, calling it ‘rushed’ and expressing disbelief at its positive reception. Nevertheless, deadmau5 seems to be planning something big to coincide with the album’s release. Taking to Instagram, he posted a short, cryptic video of his trademark cube light-setup, lit from below by LED’s and accompanied by the promise of ‘something new’ being unveiled December 1st.

While not official yet, Zimmerman is suspected to reveal his new tour annoucement, coinciding with his recently developed Cube 2.0 stage. Check out the post below and stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Unveiling something new, dec 1st. Stay tuned ;)

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