deadmau5 reveals his two favorite tracks from his new albumDeadmau5 Led Helmet 2

deadmau5 reveals his two favorite tracks from his new album

Deadmau5 has been very public about his disenchantment with his new album W:/2016ALBUM/Over the weekend, he shared his dissatisfaction with the record, stating “i don’t even like it. it was like… so fucking rushed / slapped together.”

Despite his overall negative attitude towards the release, Zimmerman has admitted to liking two of the tracks: “Snowcone” and “Whelk Then.”

“Snowcone” served as the album’s debut single, arriving all the way back in May and showcasing an often overlooked side to deadmau5’s discography: trip hop. “Whelk Then” features a similar aesthetic, boasting a syncopated beat with acoustic drums and a techno-savvygroove.

Both tracks are a far cry from the progressive house sound for which he is most closely associated, possibly foreshadowing a larger shift in stylistic focus for Zimmerman over the coming years. Listen to both tracks below:


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