Dillon Francis is collaborating with G-EazyDillon Francis Fb Photo September 2016

Dillon Francis is collaborating with G-Eazy

The pairing of Dillon Francis and G-Eazy sounds like a match made in heaven on paper. Fortunately for fans, the dream collaboration may soon be a reality. Back in 2013, when both Francis and G-Eazy were just finding their breakthrough success, one fan casually suggested how the two should collaborate. The pair agreed, but due to scheduling conflicts, never actually ended up in the studio together.

Now, however, 3 years later, Dillon Francis and G-Eazy have finally made it into the studio together to write what we can only assume to be one of the most absurd collaborations of the year.

This isn’t the first time Dillon Francis has dabbled in rap. Back in 2015, he shared his colloquial rap number “Bee Positive.”

Check out his quest to collaborate with G-Eazy below:

Via: Billboard