Drunken Masters on their new single with Portugal. The Man, ‘Louder’ [Interview]DM PTM LOUDER 3000

Drunken Masters on their new single with Portugal. The Man, ‘Louder’ [Interview]

Germany’s Drunken Masters are making their way into the US dance music market, with their latest single proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve teamed up with major indie rock group Portugal. The Man for the band’s first only original music of the year, in the melodic bass single titled “Louder.”

In conjunction with the release of “Louder” on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records, the duo discuss their beginnings and reveal how the collaboration came to be.

How did Drunken Masters form as a production duo?
It all started with a mixtape we did for a skateshop in 2006 called ‘Drunken Masters’. In contrast to a lot of producers, we first started djing and began to produce after we needed some edits and remixes for our sets. The feedback was so great that we decided to quit our normal jobs, began touring on weekends and tried to raise our production skills to a new level in order to grow.

Let’s talk about “Louder” – how did you first meet with Portugal. The Man, and end up working with them?
We met John (from Portugal. The Man) when he was touring through Germany with one of our good friends, the rapper ‘Casper‘. The vibe was super genuine from the beginning and that night we ended up drinking a lot of beer together backstage haha. We kept in contact, and John eventually asked us to look over some of the new PTM because they felt a bit stuck. After that, “Louder” came about naturally.

This track is an unusual departure from their indie rock sound. Describe working in the studio together, and merging the two musical styles for “Louder.”
We are based in Germany and John lives in Portland so we never had the opportunity to do a studio session together. We just sent stems and ideas back and forth and facetimed a couple of times. We tried to make a song that works in their indie music world and in our DJ sets. After about 4-5 different versions we nailed it.

This single is out on Fool’s Gold Records. How did that fall into the hands of label boss A-Trak?

F*** yeah it´s out on Fool´s Gold Records! This release day was definitely one of the best days of our career. We always have been big fans of A-Trak and Fool’s Gold so it is an honor for us to release it with these guys. We have been in touch with A-Trak online for a few years and actually supported him on a couple shows in Germany in 2014. We sent him the song a few month ago when we got the final master and asked him if he was maybe interested (in releasing it) & he was!

Will “Louder” be part of a bigger release, perhaps an EP? What can people expect from you two before the year ends?
“Louder” won´t be a part of an EP, but we have a few more songs in the pipeline for the next months. Our next release will be a single with our Buddy Eskei83 called “Rave”. It is a groovy future bass tune and will be out by end of the year. We also just released a mixtape with a lot of unreleased songs and edits.

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