Ecstasy confirmed as cause of death in 3 Hard Summer fatalitiesHARD SUMMER 2014 DAY2 115

Ecstasy confirmed as cause of death in 3 Hard Summer fatalities

Back in August, three attendees of HARD Summer — all between the ages of 20 and 22 years old — tragically passed away at the Southern California music festival. Hot weather was deemed a contributing factor, with temperatures reaching the upper-90s throughout the weekend. The primary causes of death, however, were not immediately clear.

Nearly four months later, the coroner has issued an official report, confirming ecstasy as the primary cause of death in all three cases. Mike Sutcliffe, the supervising coroner investigator, labeled the deaths as due to “acute MDMA toxicity.”

According to Fontana Herald News, who reported the coroner’s statement, the three deaths are believed to be “the most ever caused by Ecstasy at one high-profile Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival.”

It’s troubling news for HARD Summer, who experienced two deaths the year prior, also linked to ecstasy overdose. More than that, however, it’s a sobering reminder about the inherent dangers of MDMA and the absolutely necessity for more drug safety awareness. Nothing will change until we change the culture itself.

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