Eric Prydz releases new 3-track Pryda EPEric Prydz 10

Eric Prydz releases new 3-track Pryda EP

Eric Prydz fans rejoice. The Swedish mastermind has returned with three new tracks today under his revered Pryda alias.

The first, “Choo,” is likely the most anticipated, having been sought after by fans for years now. With its tight knit bassline and evolving melody, it’s a formidable dancefloor weapon that has become a staple in Prydz’s arsenal. Second track “The Future” sports a deep house bassline for a more UK-oriented sound, offering a nice change of pace on the EP. Lastly, there’s “The End is Just the Beginning,” a glorious 10-minute cut that surfaced earlier this year in Prydz’s performances.

The new EP embodies Prydz’s refined take on progressive house, offering the masterful kind of compositions that have cemented Eric’s name as canon among genre elitists. The EP follows the announcement of EPIC 5.0 in London, which sold out 15,000 tickets in just eight hours.

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