Fabric vows to direct fundraiser money to ‘worthy causes within the industry’Image

Fabric vows to direct fundraiser money to ‘worthy causes within the industry’

It’s been a long, emotional few months for famed London Nightclub Fabric. On September 7, the club’s business license was indefinitely revoked due to the deaths of two attendees over the summer. After an official appeal by the club, followed by numerous impassioned responses by DJs, fans, and other members of the nightlife community, a deal was made with Islington government officials on November 21 which culminated in Fabric’s official re-opening.

The good news was met with a slew of warm, approving responses by some of the biggest names in dance music, including everyone from Disclosure to Joseph Capriati to Gorgon City.

In Fabric’s first official statement since coming to an agreement with the Metropolitan Police and Islington Council, the club’s managing director, Gary Kibley, explained how the money from the #saveourculture appeal campaign, which raised over $40,600 after launching in October, will be used to fund “other worthy causes within the industry”:

“We envisage having a substantial surplus due to the overwhelming support that’s been shown to us and these residual funds will be used to help other worthy causes within the industry, including Philip Kolvin QC’s pursuance of licensing reform which is he currently championing,”

Kibley further explained how much of Fabric’s immediate efforts will be focused on protecting other nightclubs from encountering the same exhaustive legal repercussions which it itself faced. “Closing a premises should be a last resort and this is what we are still working towards,” Kibley said.

The funds will also be used to pay for a new piece of artwork, which will be displayed at the club, dedicated to the countless contributors of the #saveourculture campaign.

Because an official deal has already been made between Fabric and local officials, the scheduled November 28 appeal is no longer necessary.

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