Flume’s self-titled debut album arrived four years ago todayFlume Flume Album

Flume’s self-titled debut album arrived four years ago today

Flume has arguably challenged the boundaries of electronic dance music more than anyone else since his career began. On paper, that was only four years ago, but in terms of influence, it feels like Flume has been a critical fixture in dance music for much longer. Four years ago today, on November 9, Harley Streten officially launched the Flume project behind the release of his self-titled debut LP. Since then, the Future Classic proponent has made massive strides in his career, and a quick look back at Flume’s debut release proves his infectious brand of sonic experimentation has absolutely stood the test of time.

The self-titled LP introduced the aesthetic that Flume’s body of work as an artist would soon be defined by. Psychedelic visual accents accompany distinctly off-kilter, cutting-edge production work for a cohesive blend of dance music that wasn’t quite designed for clubs or festivals, but for almost everything in between. The LP explored the divide between vocally-focused dance music and innovative instrumental grooves with tracks like “Sleepless,” “Holdin’ On,” “Insane,” and “Ezra.”

These tracks, now a part of the Flume canon, would eventually come to outline the style and feel of Flume’s sophomore release, 2016’s Skin. In less than half a decade, we’ve seen Flume travel across the world, split from his side-project What So Not, and deliver two of the most boundary-pushing albums that contemporary dance music has yet to see. Four years feels like an eternity within the electronic music space; imagine where Flume will take things in four more.

Listen to Flume’s self-titled debut LP below:

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