Check out ‘Middlelands,’ Insomniac’s new medieval-themed raveElectric Daisy Carnival 2016 ALIVE Coverage 7

Check out ‘Middlelands,’ Insomniac’s new medieval-themed rave

This past October, Insomniac announced that they would be launching a festival conceptually based upon the middle ages, deemed “Middlelands.” In May 2017, Insomniac and fellow event producers C3 Presents will debut the medieval-themed rave in Houston, TX. Local publication Houstonia reports that the three-day event will take place in Todd Mission, a venue which traditionally holds the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Houstonia describes the forthcoming festival thusly: “Themed ‘Adventure for the Ages,’ the multifaceted Middlelands Festival transports attendees to a fantasy medieval kingdom along with five confirmed interactive stages with names like ‘Castle Northwoods.’

Middlelands has not yet announced their musical lineup, but in true Insomniac form, the festival will include a number of nonmusical attractions. Among the festival’s draws are free amusement park rides, art installations, and “four-dimensional superstructures and mind-blowing feats of ingenuity, inspired by the elements of air, water and fire.”

The festival will take place over the weekend of May 5-7, and will include a camping option for patrons – a fitting feature for the medieval theme.  Preview the festival experience in the video below, and hold out hope that whatever performers join the lineup try their hand at some live lute edits during their sets.

Early bird tickets will be available on Middlelands’ website Thursday, November 10.

Via: Houstonia

Photo credit: aLIVE coverage

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