Jeff Mills re-scores first-ever sci-fi film ‘A Trip To The Moon’People Do What They Feel Compelled To Do Techno Pioneer Jeff Mills Comments On The State Of EDM

Jeff Mills re-scores first-ever sci-fi film ‘A Trip To The Moon’

Most film historians consider the 1902 classic A Trip To The Moon as one of the first science fiction movies ever made. Therefore, it’s perfectly fitting that Detroit techno legend and fellow sci-fi fan Jeff Mills will be the one to re-score the silent film.

A Trip To The Moon was written, directed, and acted by George Méliès, and was revered for its production and theatrical value in the way it portrayed moon exploration. Its new Jeff Mills-written soundtrack becomes the third of its kind by the magnate, who’s also scored classic sci-fi hits Woman In The Moon and Fantastic Voyage.

Jeff Mills’ work for the film can already be heard in the re-released versions, and a separate CD of the soundtrack will come out in 2017.

H/T: Mixmag

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