Johannes Brecht – Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version)Johannes Brecht Voi Grave

Johannes Brecht – Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version)

Electronic music and classical are two genres that make a lovely pairing, and Johannes Brecht specializes in tracks which balance both. Utilizing haunting vocal samples and spell-binding cello melodies, he’s fashioned a breathtaking, club-oriented re-work to his own orchestral, Hans Zimmer-esque composition “Voix Grave.”

Ten minutes seem to fly by as the maestro Brecht takes the mind on an introspective path, painting a poignant aural picture with ethereal breakdowns.

Brecht has become a mainstay on Solomun’s Diynamic imprint since his debut on the label with Stimming called Stekker in 2015. His skills in integrating classical sound and architecture into a techno setting have earned him slots on several European stops of Diynamic’s highly-anticipated 10-year anniversary party tour.

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