Why Kanye West was hospitalizedKanye West Teases The Life Of Pablo Tour On The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Why Kanye West was hospitalized

Yesterday evening, news broke that Kanye West had been hospitalized “for his own health and safety,” according to NBC News who had spoken to multiple authorities close to the case. The specific reason for his admission, however, had not been revealed until today.

According to TMZ, who uncovered new details on the situation, it was West’s personal physician who called the police, reporting that his client was suffering “from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”

The call followed an incident at the gym in which Kanye reportedly assaulted a staff member. Evaluating Kanye as both a danger to himself and those around him, his physician called in a 5150, or involuntary psychiatric hold. West was transported in handcuffs to the UCLA Medical Center where he will reportedly remain for 72 hours until cleared for release.

The incident follows a particularly dramatic week for West, which saw the celebrity phenom rally behind Donald Trump, condemn Beyonce, and cancel his remaining Saint Pablo tour dates.

Ultimately, the situation serves as a stark reminder about the troubling mental health issues which rest beneath the surface of our beloved industry. More than ever, awareness of mental health issues — and specifically the rigors of working in the music industry as a touring musician — need to be at the forefront of our conversation.

Via: TMZ