Kraftwerk not allowed to perform in Buenos Aires due to electronic music banKraftwerk Moogfest

Kraftwerk not allowed to perform in Buenos Aires due to electronic music ban

Kraftwerk, the legendary electronic group hailing from Germany, were forced to cancel their November 23 show in Buenos Aires, Argentina due to the city’s ban on electronic music shows. The ban was put into effect after multiple attendees of Time Warp Festival tragically passed of drug overdose, with others requiring medical attention. The festival’s promoter was also arrested in connection to the deaths.

Kraftwerk had applied for the requisite permit to perform with the necessary 30 days notice and the show’s promoters had been given the go-ahead to begin selling tickets, as reported by Argentine outlet Clarín, with 70% of the tickets subsequently being sold. Despite this, city officials went on to deny the band its permit.

The official did concede that Kraftwerk’s show was not an electronic music festival in the same vein as Time Warp but went on to state that the band’s “use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument” made it fall under the purview of the ban. This is a myopic point of view that sets a dangerous precedent, given the proliferation of electronic music into the wider world of popular music, with the potential for barring some of the biggest stars in music from performing in Buenos Aires.

The promoters of the Kraftwerk show have since filed an appeal to allow the show to go on.

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