KSHMR explains how he sold 5 million recordsKSHMR

KSHMR explains how he sold 5 million records

KSHMR has come to represent the new breed of big room artists and mainstage acts. With a distinct knack for songwriting and flawless sound design abilities, KSHMR has almost single-handedly refreshed a genre overrun with banality.

Before KSHMR was KSHMR, however, he was Niles Dhar, one half of hip-hop production duo The Cataracs. During this time, Dhar helped write many successful hits, including The Cataracs’ international hit “Like a G6,” which went 4x platinum in the US.

A short clip has now surfaced from 2012 with Niles explaining how he made the multi-platinum hit. As he notes, the track’s famous bassline was actually the result of Dhar accidentally dragging the melody of his lead onto his bass sound. The simple random act proved the selling point of the entire track, as Niles notes: “And then it sold 5 million records.”

The example underscores one of his studio philosophies, which he explains at the beginning of the video: “Accidents can be a great technique for achieving sounds that you and that other artists wouldn’t normally do. You have to stop and embrace accidents.”

Watch the clip above.