Listen to Flume’s new ‘Skin’ companion EPFlume Press

Listen to Flume’s new ‘Skin’ companion EP

In May, Flume further solidified his legacy as a critically and commercially viable producer with the release of his sophomore album, Skin. Spanning 16 tracks, the award-winning album saw Harley Streten put forth radio-friendly hits while continuing to explore underground sounds. Since late August, the hype surrounding Skin has continued to retain momentum, following Flume’s announcement of a “companion EP” for the album.

The four-track EP, which essentially acts as a B-side collection to Flume’s recent LP, has now been released. Unfortunately for steadfast streamers, the companion collection is only officially available in vinyl format. Luckily, however, fans have begun uploading the full EP online for the world to hear. The Skin companion EP is arguably more sonically intriguing than the album itself, as Flume draws influence from a variety of different sources to build upon his own style. While classic Flume synthesis pervades the EP, some songs evoke the essence of artists such as Rustie and James Blake — “Heater” and “Quirk” in particular.

Listen to all four tracks from the Skin companion EP below.


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