Listen to Major Lazer’s dancehall set from Burning ManMajor Lazer

Listen to Major Lazer’s dancehall set from Burning Man

Major Lazer have always done a commendable job at sticking to their roots. The group has gone through numerous iterations around its founding member Diplo, and occasionally over a long and colorful track record, Major Lazer has stepped outside their comfort zone. They have dipped into trap music, house, and more than once found record-breaking success in the pop spectrum. At the group’s core, however, Major Lazer is born from traditional dancehall and reggae and they’ve always maintained that as a critical element of the outfit’s identity.

At this year’s Burning Man, Major Lazer took the time to honor their roots with a sundown performance at Robot Heart.

Cruising through almost two hours of breezy dancehall riddims and reggae, Diplo and Jillionaire set aside the usual Major Lazer spectacle for a rare set of the finest gems from each of their own personal crates. Listen to Major Lazer play their best B-sides and personal favorites as the sun sets over Burning Man.

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