Techno legend Marco Bailey on his newest brainchild, MATERIAMarco Bailey

Techno legend Marco Bailey on his newest brainchild, MATERIA

Belgian native Marco Bailey is the definition of a ‘seasoned veteran.’ Commencing his career in the ’80s and breaking through to fame by the turn of the millennium, Bailey has been providing refined, high quality techno to the masses for nearly three decades through relentless touring and his MB Elektronics imprint. More recently, he launched his MBR Limited imprint in 2014, allowing him a whole new platform to express himself to fans through darker, pulsating techno compositions which he’s felt has become a crucial facet of his artistic personality through 20 special releases.

2015 saw Bailey crossing another creative barrier: event production through his new brand MATERIA. The company was launched earlier in the year as a “party where the want, need & desire to feel the love and vibrations on the dance floor is understood,” and quickly built traction in its first home of Ibiza for its finely-picked participants. Now, the brand is beginning to venture outward, with its newest upcoming show set in Ghent, Belgium on November 25. Regulars Black Asteroid, Brian Sanhaji, and more will join Bailey on the decks for the special show in his home country.

Before immersing himself back into music with the upcoming MATERIA party and label releases, we caught up with Marco Bailey to hear more details on MBR Limited, his venturing into sinister shades of techno, and his enthusiasm for organizing events around his musical vision.

Techno legend Marco Bailey on his newest brainchild, MATERIAMarco Bailey Press

Tell us more about MBR Limited, which has showcased a new, darker side of your sound. What has drawn you down that path as of late, and what is your ultimate goal in creating such a saga of work? Do you think changing directions in one’s career is crucial to the creative process? Will you be integrating these new sounds into your other imprints in addition to bringing on a new round of artists that align with this vision?

Well, I started MBR Limited 2 years ago now, it was designed as a platform for me to show a different style of production with a selection of limited releases. This December is actually going to be the last release. It has been a nice journey creating some very different productions for this label, with some amazing artists on remix duties for me. For sure, it shows some of the darker techno, which is really a passion of mine. I just felt it was time for a change and a new challenge personally with this project. My ultimate goal was really just to release music I feel passionately about, on my own platform but to make it special with limited releases over a period of the last 2 years.

I do think it’s very important for all artists nowadays to always be pushing the limits, creating new ideas and projects for themselves. You have to stay current, and challenge yourself in every way possible. This industry has developed at such a substantial rate, it’s important to keep pushing the boundaries. That said, I do not think you should be changing your direction necessarily, we all started this career with a vision, and it’s important to remember that. If your tracks don’t reach the Top10, that doesn’t mean you should change your style as to what’s “hot” at that moment to achieve a top selling track – for me, creating something I am proud of is far more important, my vision today is still the same as when I first started out. MBR Limited is separate from the mother label, MB Elektronics, so I won’t be integrating the two. MB Elektronics has its own style, and also looks after the MATERIA releases we have seen this last year which I am really proud of.

MATERIA is really my new baby, and in January 2017 we will be pushing the brand as much as possible with events booked around Europe and South America. It’s important for me to bring the events and the MB Elektronics label together to create a united brand.We always try to bring many underground artists to the forefront with MB Elektronics and MATERIA, you can see this from the XL2 compilation tracks as well as the line up’s from the parties we have had in Ibiza this summer. So yes, as well as having many of the regular artists releasing going into 2017, there will be some new names on there to look out for. My focus with the label and MATERIA is to really focus on quality releases from artists which I just love, and what we feel is right for the brand. So yes everyone we work with does have the same vision in terms of what they produce for me and the label. I am very excited about the next few releases we have lined up, as well as the next event which is held in Belgium on the 25 th November. We have an amazing line up and this is just the start of many more events to come!


Techno legend Marco Bailey on his newest brainchild, MATERIAMATERIA Ghent Belgium 25.11.16




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