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Max Styler delivers futuristic debut album ‘Heartache’

Two years ago, Central California native Max Styler signed to Dim Mak at the ripe age of 18. Since then, he has had some massive successes, such as his collaboration with Autoerotique, “Badman” — the Torro Torro remix of which has amassed over seven million plays on SoundCloud alone. Now, with his teenage years officially behind him, Styler has brought his career to the next level by releasing a phenomenal debut album, Heartache.

“First Light” introduces the listener to the world of Heartache, combining many of the LP’s best aspects into an overture of sorts that sets the mood flawlessly. Ambient atmospheres build up and begin filling in the farthest reaches of Styler’s expansive sonic space before being taken over by a heavy, delightfully amorphous bass synth.

Styler uses a similarly shifting style of synth to lead into the title track, “Heartache,” though bringing about evolutions within it that allow him to flirt with a more classic future bass sound. There are a number of themes and characteristics that are consistently heard throughout: the futuristic flavor; the apprehensive lyrics following catchy melody lines; the layered background textures. Altogether these form a particularly cohesive listen-through.

However, there are a few tracks that stand out and take it from being an intriguing listen to being a sensational debut for the young producer. Along with “First Light,” the fourth and seventh tracks “Time Machine,” and “U Were Right,” respectively, go above and beyond to showcase Styler’s increasingly diverse production palate.

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