Mont Blvck – GimmeMont Blvck Gimme

Mont Blvck – Gimme

Mont Blvck are the latest underground export to surface from the creative melting pot that is Los Angeles. Comprised of Jackson Englund and Diego Cuevas, the rising duo have served as a core member of LA’s roaming party squad, Gari Safari. Now the pair have delivered their first ever single, “Gimme.”

Blending an arpeggiated synth line with stellar songwriting and a warbling deep house bassline, the single is an apt showcase of Mont Blvck”s intriguing versatility. Immediate comparison to Bob Moses come to mind –especially when the smooth guitar progression enters the fray — though Mont Blvck are unequivocally pushing their own unique path.

Mont Blvck will perform at Gari Safari in Boston and Mexico City in December, before wrapping up the year in Tokyo. Listen to their new single “Gimme” below: