Mr. Carmack releases ‘Rekindling’ EP in support of Standing Rock protestorsStanding Rock Protest Nodapl Dapl

Mr. Carmack releases ‘Rekindling’ EP in support of Standing Rock protestors

The holiday season holds different meaning for different people around the world. One common thread seen throughout much of the world is using the time off to spend more time with the friends and family that make up one’s community. For Hawaiian bass music producer Mr. Carmack, however, the holidays are about more than appreciating one’s community — they are a time to remind oneself, as he puts it, “to take more of an active part in the world and not lie dormant.”

In this vein, Mr. Carmack has released a nine-track EP, Rekindling, from which 100% of the proceeds will benefit the protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in Standing Rock, North Dakota. In a heartfelt description of the message behind Rekindling, Mr. Carmack asks everyone to resist the urge to “take to your tv or computer and turn your brain off.”

He continues with a statement that has been ringing true with the increasing number of millenials entering the workforce: “a paycheck is not your end goal in life.” There are many ways to be proactive in getting away from living the “paycheck” lifestyle. Carmack suggests, “join a library. take a class. teach a class somewhere. read something. take up a hobby…engage yourself.”

Many have wondered how they can most effectively engage in the #NoDAPL movement. According to the Stand With Standing Rock website, an official site of, the best ways for anyone to voice their support are: to sign their letter to President Obama; call the White House directly; and to donate money to the cause.

For fans of Mr. Carmack who also support #NoDAPL, or for those who simply want something in return for their donation, buying Rekindling is a no-brainer. Check out two tracks off of the EP, “Justice Ahora,” and “BIOTRUTH,” below, and head to Mr. Carmack’s BandCamp page to purchase Rekindling in full.

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