Is this a new side project from Skrillex? The internet seems to think soSkrille Bestival Jas Davis

Is this a new side project from Skrillex? The internet seems to think so

Yogi has returned with his latest single, “Blow You Up,” a palatable pop collaboration with AlunaGeorge and mysterious new artist Less is Moore. The main story surrounding the release — outside of the stylistic changeup from Yogi — has revolved around the identity of Less is Moore (or rather, the lack there of).

Many are speculating thus far that the project is a new alias of Skrillex, whose real name is of course Sonny Moore. Google searches for Less is Moore yield few results; in fact, most of the artist’s social pages have only been created very recently.

One YouTube user by the name of Super_Ponton1 commented the following on the video, epitomizing the search for Less is Moore’s identity:

Ok, can someone tell me who the hell is Less Is Moore? I looked around and it’s an empty profile. Is that Skrillex behind that name? This song sounds like it was produced by Skrillex.

From a production standpoint, it’s not to hard to imagine Skrillex’s fingerprints on “Blow You Up.” Both the transposed vocal melodies and a large degree of the drum design point to Moore’s sonic touch, although not definitively by any means.

As you’d expect, Less is Moore is denying the association, writing ‘were not skrillex’ on their Facebook page.

Check out the song above and decide for yourself.

UPDATE: A representative from OWSLA has confirmed that Less Is Moore is not a new alias from Skrillex, but a new artist working with Yogi.

H/T: YourEDM