Steve Angello is being sued by Junior Sanchez and former Size Records VP for $12 millionSteve Angello Hi Res Headshot

Steve Angello is being sued by Junior Sanchez and former Size Records VP for $12 million

New details have emerged surrounding the lawsuit filed against Steve Angello that surfaced earlier this week. DJ and producer Junior Sanchez and former Size Records VP Jade Maxe Assad have been revealed as the plaintiffs in two independent cases as formerly mentioned by the Swedish publication Expressen.

Sanchez’ camp released an official statement to Billboard, saying: “Mr. Sanchez respects and cares for Mr. Angello and his family very much and considers them friends. Unfortunately in this business sometimes you need to resolve matters in a courtroom and that’s what we’re doing.”

Sanchez had initially been brought onto Size in 2008, where he was offered a monthly salary of $3000 in addition to a 5% equity stake in the company in return for providing productions for the label and bringing new artists into the fold. The American producer alleges that not only did he not receive his stake, the value of which he says he is unaware of, but he was also not paid his monthly salary from the months of March – June of 2016. As a result, he is pressing for Angello and Size to repay him the base owed amounts of the salary and equity combined in addition to interest on said payments and compensation for punitive damages.

Size’s former VP Assad entered into a business partnership with Angello in 2008 in which they explored ventures such as cultivating InterArtist Services Gmbh, a tax services company for international performing artists, as well as the acquisition of Rebel Studios in 2013. He began working with Size in 2012 as a business developer before being promoted to managing partner in 2014 after a track record with milestone deals that included SLS Hotel and Kanon Organic Vodka. He alleges his termination by Angello in late 2014 was unjustified, and is seeking reparations for alleged unpaid wages from that year and the subsequent loss of income. He’s also, like Sanchez, suing for punitive damages.

Each case is separate from one another, yet combined, amount to a hefty bill for Steve Angelo. Fhe former Swedish House Mafia member would have to pay out around $12-13 million from press estimates. Assad’s hearing will happen first on January 17, 2017 in Los Angeles, while Sanchez will have his a month later on February 21.

Via: Billboard

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