Porter Robinson and Madeon confirm ‘Shelter’ collaboration is only temporaryPRM PRESS PHOTO L R Madeon Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson and Madeon confirm ‘Shelter’ collaboration is only temporary

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s collaborative “Shelter” project has cemented the pair as dance music’s new favorite superduo. Unfortunately — as one would logically expect from a collaboration of this nature — the partnership is only temporary. What’s more, as the pair eluded to in a new interview, it may never happen again.

Porter and Madeon spoke to SiriusXM’s Tommy West on BPM about the project, confirming that the two would part ways after. “What makes it special is that we’re gonna go back to our solo projects,” Madeon says. “We know that this is a transient moment and we are taking it all in and enjoying it immensely, but we know that once this is it, it’s it.”

Porter Robinson continued the sentiment, remarking: “From the start, we wanted everyone to appreciate this whole experience as something that was temporary, once-in-a-lifetime. We want the whole thing to feel like a blink. One single song, one single tour, and then it’s over.”

It’s disappointing news — especially for fans who were expecting more music from the pair — but it does serve to make their current tour all the more special. Check out the remaining Shelter Live dates here.

Listen to Porter and Madeon’s new interview below:

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